Wherever I go, I can introduce myself as a student, writer or an intellect but I always choose “Movie Buff”. Quite a show-off, but it describes me in a very accurate manner that even Noah Webster would want to consult his own dictionary to explain me in other words. Being frank, not everyone likes a movie buff around, talking incessantly about movies, the nuances of each director and the meaning behind every camera movement and lighting style there is. People don’t like a guy that looks at a dressing table mirror and goes,”That is straight out of a Mani Ratnam movie!” or spots a ticking watch and starts ranting about Inception and how I understood it in my fourth time (I really did. Mummy promise).

What does a guy do if he is not accepted by the society? He starts a blog. Or so I thought and started this blog to write about everything I notice in the movies I watch. Hope you have fun reading this!